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Drone Technology

Drones are most advanced tools in the field of robotics and electronics. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is the technical name and these vehicles have a verity of sizes, shapes and functions that are operated by remote or operate system from the ground.  It is an unmanned aircraft which can fly autonomously – which is, without a human in control. This device is mostly use in military services. But now it has been used in various civilian operations. It has several different meanings and it comes from old English word “dran” which means ‘male bee’.

How do drones work and what are their main features?
We have to that how it works and fly. It is made from different materials to increase flying and reduce weight. It can be fitted out with a verity of extra equipment, along with cameras, GPS guided missiles, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), navigation systems, sensors, and so on.
Drones have a broad range of shapes, size and with verity of functions. At present the huge majority of this device models can be established by hand. And they can be commanded by remotes or from particular ground cockpits. The profit-oriented models come in small size and have easy to construction and these devices are appropriate for kids as they are too much easy to control.

There are different changes in the frame and construction of these devices, but every device must have is a waterproof motor frame, flight and motor controllers, motors, transmitter and receiver or other source of energy.

Drone applications:
Now-a- days Drones are used in so many areas and the areas of these devices are countless and this is the growing devices all over the world.

Mainly, we used micro drones in every sector just because of their small size.

Major areas of applications:

Search and rescue: These devices are too much useful in searching and rescuing operations. This device is determining the gases amount in the firefighting time.

Security: There are lots of authorities who use this device to save people for the time of various emergencies. These devices also help various security operations.

Inspections:This device helps authority to check the power lines, wind turbines, and pipelines. If anyone uses it then no need to use external contractor

Science & research: These devices help scientists in their research works to maintain different existence in nature from the sky and so on.

Aerial photography & video: By using these devices with a HD camera anyone can take the photos and shot footage of great quality from the sky.

Unmanned cargo system: We use these device when we delivering all sorts of lightweight packages with safe and friendly environment.

We also used these devices in engineering, construction and pre-construction works, aviation, maritime, marketing, real estate (both residential and commercial), insurance, utilities, mining, meteorology, education, and more. At this moment many government / non-government agencies, private companies have their own drones.

On the other hand, we used mini and micro drones for our amusement purposes. At present the civil use this device and for it is a very normal thing. Anyone can legally buy them over the internet with low cost.

It is quite easy to control and great source of fun and people all over the world enjoy flying this device.


 Classification – different types of drones

It may be quite impossible to classified, due to fact there are lots of models with different sizes, features and price. There is only way that we can classify them and that is their size.


Nano and mini drones: These are the smallest planet are members of these categories. And these are divided into two groups: Nano and Mini.

Nano drones are the smallest and have the same dimensions. On the other hand, mini drones are more powerful electric motor up to 50cm in length.

Both categories are used by the military either spying or smaller tasks. They can be easily move and reach remote location. On the other hand there are lots of models on the market that are free to ordinary consumers.

Drones with small sizes:

From this group these devices have dimensions between 50cm to 2 m. They have no powerful motor that is why they must be thrown into the air to start flying.

These kinds of products are also very popular in the market just because of their great features and low cost.

Medium sizes:

These kinds of device have more powerful motors and can carry up to 200 kg of weight. Any single person cannot carry a drone from this group, that’s why they are not a common choice of ordinary people.

These devices are normally used for transporting goods and they can fly up to 50 km and the flying time can be long as 6 hours.

Big drones:

These kinds of devices are used by the Army and their dimensions as smaller aircraft. Any civilian cannot buy this device because of it is treated as an aircraft. 

Most of them are prepared with weapon and missiles, that’s why they are used in planned attacks.

There are lots of different devices in this group and they can be classified in these groups:

1. Short range models. From this group they can fly up to 150 km and more than 11 hours.

2. Medium range. The range of this group is 650 km and they are normally used in weather forecasting.

3. Longest range. From this group they can fly up to 30.000 ft. and they can visit in the air more than 36 hours.

The future of drones:
At the present time, drones are more popular than before and they have limitless applications. In future they are going to be better. Today we are using this device for transporting goods to remote locations.

Nowadays, Amazon is trying their Amazon Prime Air service. When anyone orders a package, it will be given to you less than 30 minutes, within few days. Zookal, Australian text Book Company has the same idea. By using this device they want to deliver textbooks to customers.

Drones are going to be upgraded their features. In future they will have much better cameras and more storage space. On the other hand, few of them may be able to record during night time.

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